Elevate your Conversations & Game Change your Leadership.

A 2 day in person immersive leadership & personal development experience which will transform how you show up and lead your most critical conversations indefinitely.

Go on a 2 day journey of self discovery and personal development and gain insight, tools and knowledge. Deepen self awareness, self leadership, shift your perspective and gain skills that will game change your most important conversations (including the one that matters most; with yourself!).

They (and you) will really thank you for it.

Welcome to The SHIFT

Elevate your Conversations & Game Change your Leadership.

A 2 day in person immersive leadership & personal development experience which will transform how you show up and lead your most critical conversations indefinitely. Followed up with 4 weeks of accountability, coaching & guidance to support your practice and implementation.

Go on a 2 day journey of self discovery and personal development and gain insight, tools and knowledge. You will deepen your self awareness, self leadership, shift your perspective and gain skills that will game change your most important conversations (including the one that matters most; with yourself!). 2 days away from the day to day busyness, where you will connect on a deep level with your peers and be empowered to take action where it is most needed for yourself, your team, business, customers and your loved ones.

SHIFT your leadership

What is your mis-communication or avoidance costing you?

  • Unnecessary conflict
  • Negative Culture
  • Money & time
  • Connection & relationships
  • Loss of key people
  • Missed opportunities
  • Decrease in trust & reputation
  • Cost of rehiring & replacing team and clients
  • Productivity & performance
  • Broken boundaries
  • Emotional & mental exhaustion - your sanity!
  • Confidence dips (limiting beliefs)
  • Staying stuck & frustrated
  • Loss of innovation & growth
  • Negative ripple into personal life
  • Absenteeism
  • Brand reputation
  • Tribunal claims & complaints

A study by SHRM showed average costs per year to businesses for mis-communication were a staggering $420k! The ripples are huge.



Meet Tom:

Tom attended the Shift in September 2023. Tom is the Director and Principal Tree Consultant of Arbor Cultural Ltd.

Over the last 15 years Tom has been involved in all aspects of tree related planning submissions, initially as a tree officer and more recently as a consultant.

Tom's words about The Shift:

"This was an amazing programme. Learning what to say and how to respond in a positive way to any type of situation in business and the language to use in marketing and general conversation."



Leigh's ability to hold the room to make a safe space enabled me to fully immerse myself in to looking at what was within me and holding me back from taking the next step in my business and leadership. The intimacy created was mind blowing. Thank you Leigh.

— Zoe, Founder & CEO


are an action taker. You lead & care deeply about people, you make decisions, take action, get results.

However, despite your growth, you sometimes still avoid important conversations. You walk away from some meetings and conversations feeling like you could have done so much better. You know you are making great progress, but sometimes the mind monkeys second guess you and if you are honest with yourself, you know you still have so much untapped potential to realise.

You also confess to not really asking for help, or opening up about how you really feel as you navigate this crazy journey of leadership and business; after all; aren't you supposed to have all of the answers?

The SHIFT...

  • will hold, develop & challenge you in a safe small and inspiring group space intensively over 2 days, with 4 weeks of voxer accountability & coaching guidance too.
  • will dive wholeheartedly into YOU and discover your strengths, where you are getting in your own way and where you need support right now.
  • will gift you lightbulbs, breakthroughs and plenty of aha moments.  
  • will inspire, connect & empower you and provide tools and actions that will game change your conversations.
  • Enable and empower you to leverage this new know how and insight to leverage more of your brilliance, be in control of your most critical moments & conversations, create bigger leadership ripples, waves and lasting IMPACT on those you take on the next chapter of the journey with you.


Who is it for?

  • Action taking Founders, CEO's, C Suite & Senior Leaders
  • Leaders who already lead a team (irrespective of size) or are seriously embarking on the team journey
  • Leaders who are open minded to shifting their perspective and approach to achieve a different and better outcome

Where are the 2 days held?

Sópers House, Cuffley, Herts - close to the M25 and 30 minutes by train from central London.

What support is available following the 2 days?

4 weeks of direct access to Leigh via voxer for accountability, coaching & guidance

What are your 2024 dates?

13th and 14th March

15th and 16th May

11th and 12th September


  • A strengths profile personalised report (£250)
  • 2 days of immersive support, connection and development (£2000)
  • 4 weeks direct access and coaching via voxer from Leigh (£500)
  • Book bundle of Foundations to Lead From & Exactly What to Say(£18)
  • Exactly What to Say Workbook facilitated by the first UK certified guide of this work (YOU cannot buy this = priceless!)
  • Lunch, refreshments
  • Invitation for after meeting drinks on day 1 in the Terrace Bar 
  • Connection & Collaboration with incredible like minded leaders
  • Flexible payment methods are available on the check out page (including buy now, pay later and spread payments)

Purchased separately this would cost you in excess of £3000. Your investment is £1250 plus VAT


Meet Chelsea.

Chelsea attended the Shift in June 2023. She is the Founder and Co-owner of InkEtch, a fast-growing e-commerce business that specialises in design, supply and distribution of everything personalised from individual items to full event décor.  


InkEtch has seen rapid growth in a short period, with a forecast that will double their revenue over the next 12 months.  Already a team of 10, this forecast means the leadership required by Chelsea and her leadership team will be on an upward trajectory too.

Chelsea's words about The Shift 

“It really does do what is says on the tin.  It shifts your perspective, gets you thinking differently and taking different action.  It’s only been 2 months and I have so far made many big improvements and as a leader in my business have much more clarity on where we are going. I didn’t know whether it would be for me, but it was so insightful and I have benefited massively.”


“I got so much value from Leigh and The Shift that I have gone on to invest in Leigh’s 12 month mastermind (peer to peer mentoring) and included the 1:1 package”


Meet your Host, Guide and Facilitator.

Leigh is a renowned Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author of Foundations to Lead From and Speaker with over 20 years of experience guiding Decision Makers, Business Owners, Founders & CEO's. She is deeply passionate about the person inside the leader and understands the unique challenges faced by CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Executives. Alongside a personal journey with cancer, she has a unique, inspiring perspective on prioritizing what matters most amid a drive for success and performance.

Fostering a spirit of curiosity is a key aspect of Leigh's approach to coaching and mentorship. She encourages her clients to become more coach like in their leadership of self and others; asking more questions, broadening & shifting perspective; approaching challenges and critical conversations from different angles. This leads to a more human approach to leadership with innovation, creative problem-solving and decision-making, which is essential for leaders, at every stage of their journey, in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Providing a confidential but challenging sounding board, Leigh helps leaders to balance their drive for performance with what matters most to them, avoiding the sacrifices that can often come with running a business and/or a high-stakes leadership position. She is passionate about raising self awareness, leveraging strengths and empowering greater curiosity and communication, which leads to more meaningful conversations, improved connection & relationships, greater impact and enhanced performance both personally and professionally.

Leigh is continuously committed to her own professional development to support hers and her client's growth. She is CIPD qualified, a certified Executive Coach with ICF Status and a Master Practitioner with Strengthscope. Her latest partnership is with Phil M Jones, Founder of Exactly What to Say; the little (over 1 million copies sold) book that is becoming a global movement. Phil and Leigh believe that we've become so efficient in our communication, we are becoming less effective. Working alongside Phil and sharing the important work from within this Exactly What to Say Programme & Movement, Leigh aims to empower leaders to change their impact, one conversation at a time.

With her unique combination of expertise, empathy, and challenge, Leigh is the ideal coach for business leaders who are looking to become happier and more fulfilled whilst achieving higher, more purposeful performance.

2 days to focus on YOU.

The SHIFT affords you the opportunity to step away from the busyness of the day job, and create space to reflect, learn & plan forward. Alongside the expert guidance and facilitation of Leigh, you'll be gifted connection & insight from being round a small, intimate table with other like minded leaders.

Not only do you get invaluable guidance and insight over the 2 days, you are given accountability and additional guidance with direct access to Leigh for 4 weeks after. Meaning you don't just learn and reflect; you practice and take action in the real world too!

Leighs promise to you when you show up, be open to learn and go take the action?


Greater awareness of your strengths and how to leverage these in your leadership and team


Tools and techniques that will transform how you connect, build trust & lead conversations with influence and confidence


Incredible new opportunities for you, your clients and team


Hiring the right people into the right roles, developing their potential and improving retention


Creating and building a coaching culture that enhances relationships, productivity & growth

The SHIFT will transform your perspective & approach
whilst saving your time, sanity and money.

Are you READY?

Meet another of our SHIFT graduates:

Meet Liz.

Liz Martin attended the Shift in September 2023. Liz has extensive experience in the field of Human Resources and at the time of attending was the People and Culture Director at Pipedrive. Prior to this, Liz held senior HR positions at Worldpay from 2012 to 2022 as their Global HR Business Partner, Technology and as HR Manager at Burger King Corporation from 2009 to 2012. Liz began her career in 1996 as a HR Manager at KFC in a variety of roles, with her last role heading up their Head Office Recruitment Team for the UK.

Liz's words about SHIFT 

In my opinion, EVERYONE should attend Shift, the world would be a better place for doing so. It is invaluable to anyone wishing to have more effective conversations and productive relationships. Prior to attending, I thought of myself as a pretty good communicator. However, I learnt so much that is going to be incredibly useful, not only in my professional role but also in my personal life. 
Leigh is immensely proficient at what she does, she also offers a certain kind of magic to the content. She is hugely knowledgable and offers tremendous support to the delegates - she just knows how to get the best out of people and situations. If you are on the fence, I suggest you take the leap and book yourself a place. You won't be sorry."


SO, what do you actually experience for this investment in YOU?


Is all about YOU.  


Time to take stock of your current reality.  An opportunity to understand where you are at and what might be holding you back from leveraging more of your leadership brilliance.

A chance to reflect and review before we introduce the concept of conversation.


What Else?

We will dive in on your strengths and red flag any performance risks; highlighting any skills gaps within your development or team structure.

Safely navigate and challenge any beliefs that might be holding you back; empowering you to SHIFT your perspective towards achieving even more of your potential.


DAY ONE is for reflection and review, a deeper dive into your strengths and an introduction to the EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY frameworks. Whilst enjoying rich and deep connection with your peers and an all important chance to step off the hamster wheel and work on YOU.

 When we finish you are invited to close off the day in the wonderful Terrace Bar for drinks.




You will be introduced to more of the core principles and magic words within EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY.

This global movement started by Phil M Jones. Leigh is proud to be the first and only UK certified guide who can lead this important work and day 2 will dive in on this priceless workbook, tools and techniques that will elevate your conversations to a new level!

The Exactly What To Say Principles, workbook and conversation strategies alongside additional tools and guided facilitation will give you breakthroughs and tangible actions to take away with you, practice and apply immediately.

The way you see and approach your most critical conversations after The SHIFT and exposure to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY will never be the same again!

Across both days, space will be made available for masterminding your important leadership challenges, team structure and critical conversations.  The environment will be safe and fully supported whilst equally challenging an important SHIFT in your leadership and growth potential.


The overall aim of The SHIFT is a move towards a greater trajectory of perspective, mindset, communication & behaviour that drives relevant change & elevates your LEADERSHIP.

Leigh has been a fantastic addition to our business. Helping the senior team gain the edge in today’s market, encouraging them to look in the one place where you have the power to create change every time – at themselves. She is a fabulous motivational influence for our aspiring leaders and has helped them achieve significant improvements in personal impact and effectiveness across all aspects of the business.

— Sam, Managing Director



You know it is time to elevate your leadership impact but you are just not sure if The Shift™ or Leigh is the right fit for you?


Book a call with Leigh and let’s explore what you need.




Meet Scott.

Scott attended the Shift in September 2023. Scott is an experienced design and print production professional who has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years. Now, as co-owner of print and marketing agency, Datum, Scott's role is to strengthen their position as a key component of the marketing mix, alongside digital communication.

Scott's words about The Shift:

"While many courses aim to enhance conversational skills, 'The Shift' stood out by emphasising the art of asking impactful questions, particularly within the context of sales. This approach significantly elevated my conversational and leadership abilities."



Sometimes you are not aware of what you need until someone takes a moment to shine a light, Leigh does this every time.

— Sally, HR Consultant & NLP Coach

Elevate your Conversations & Game Change your Leadership.

What are you waiting for?

SHIFT the trajectory of your perspective, behaviour & communication to have an even greater impact by becoming the next generation of leader that YOU and those you lead deserve!

Let's SHIFT it UP!