An intimate, carefully selected group of ambitious evolving business leaders who will become your greatest circle of co-workers & cheerleaders.

Working collectively over 12 months in a confidential, safe, inspiring and stretching space. Collaborating, supporting, cheerleading and challenging each other to elevate leadership and business performance to its next level YOUR WAY.

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Feeling alone in your business?

Miss having other people to bounce ideas off?

Know there’s SO much more you could do to grow?

Love sharing your ideas, getting advice, finding solutions & being held accountable?  

How would it feel to have the power and collaboration of others by your side to help you stay motivated, support the execution of new ideas, explore solutions and help you stay accountable to take MASSIVE action?!

Say HELLO to the SPACE TO ELEVATE® Mastermind

Your very own collective sounding board. A safe, confidential and uplifting space where you can be 100% YOU. Your greatest cheerleaders; inspiring, challenging and empowering you to ELEVATE your leadership and business performance to the next level.

Like minded, dynamic business leaders by your side. Loyal, supportive, creative, encouraging, inspiring and talented colleagues. They will bring fresh eyes to your challenges and become life long friends.

You will be encouraged to RISE and take ACTION. To RECOGNISE your accomplishments. Get COURAGEOUS, embrace CHANGE and IMPACT even more of those you serve. Most of all, you will feel enabled to ELEVATE and ACHIEVE your HIGHEST potential.



That's right. Limited to no more than 9 other business leaders, giving your voice space and time to be heard. This circle will give you a sense of belonging and understanding. Relationships will form like no other - you will cherish these guys for life.


The power of a mastermind is the collective minds of others. Being able to explore with like minded leaders, who understand the challenges of leading and building a business and bring their own expertise to challenges that are unique to you.


Now is your time to step up and stop playing small. Challenging you to think, act and structure as a CEO of your business. Not only smashing goals, but growing yourself as a conscious leader with the team you need by your side. It really is your time to shine.


REALLY makes a difference.

The hidden breakthroughs and transformations are often found in the informal connections and relationships you build chatting over a cuppa or glass of wine. At lunch, over dinner, in the breaks, on zoom or during the early hours in your PJs during our overnight 'away days.'

In our top level elevate mastermind, you will have a minimum of 11 group meetings to build long lasting relationships. Dependant on COVID restrictions, at least 6 are in person.

A 2.5 day leadership and on-boarding retreat to kick us off in November in the gorgeous UK countryside. A carefully chosen space with acres of space to roam and lots of free time, food and drink. Quarterly away days to masterminded together and work ON your business (COVID dependent). At our half way point in June; we will have another 2.5 day business offsite to recharge, check in on progress and review the 2nd half of the years' strategy. Our offsite space is carefully chosen and removes you from the day to day; giving you room to be YOU, close the tabs, pause, reflect, recharge and elevate.

Connection, collaboration, fun and REAL relationships are game changing.

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"In the past I had been really hesitant about joining a mastermind. However, I’d worked with Leigh for a while and had faith that not only did she have the right skills to lead a mastermind, but that she had the ability to put together the right people with similar values. 

The mastermind has been everything I needed and more. I often feel that the online space is a little incestuous and that the same strategies and approaches pop up left right and centre. One of the strengths of this mastermind is that there is a vast range of businesses, both online and offline, and so you really benefit from fresh eyes on your business.

In addition to Leigh’s valuable mentoring, the input from the others has been invaluable, unlike other masterminds I’d considered, it’s a small group and we’ve all got to know each other well. What this creates is a safe space, to get vulnerable and be honest about your goals and fears. I have formed some incredible relationships that I know will last long after the mastermind ends.

Over the course of the last 8 months I have been able to step back take a good and look at what’s working in the business and what wasn’t and not just from a revenue prospective. I was able to gain the space to reflect on what was lighting up me and what wasn’t.

Before working with Leigh, business was good but I was falling into the trap of working too much and having less and less time with my family. The support has given me the confidence to make some big changes, even when it would have been safer to carry on doing things the way I was before. 

We’ve just got back from our in person retreat at the most fabulous venue. Our time together really was the icing on cake, we’ve all come away with so much clarity and it’s great seeing the action my fellow master-minders are taking. 

If a mastermind is on your to do list, I genuinely think this is the best experience you could wish for. Leigh goes above and beyond to create a sacred space and her experience, not to mention her network of some amazing contacts to help is a game changer! It’s been incredible and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!"

Becky Wise - Digital Marketing & Funnel Strategist

" My focus and mindset has changed massively as a result of being in Leigh’s Mastermind.

I’ve become more strategic with my marketing and my sales! As a result despite everything going on through COVID and personal circumstances, I have managed to secure new collaborations and weddings, create additional low ticket product sales with lots of repeat customers and move to bigger premises!

Why Leigh? Leigh is awesome and has a unique ability to get you to dig deep and find yourself, find your why. Most importantly Leigh selects the perfect mix of clients in each mastermind, which means you’re on a journey building relationships and your confidence throughout the whole year. With Leigh’s support and framework you really do grow as a person and expand your business. You are elevated beyond expectations."

Melinda Leigh - Nirvana Chocolat

"I have had the good fortune to be on two of Leigh’s masterminds over two consecutive years. For anyone wondering whether a mastermind is for you I’d say absolutely yes and especially when it’s run by Leigh.

Since joining Leigh my business has gone from strength to strength, I’ve defined my niche and become more focused. As a consequence my business has grown each year and this year I have had the best year yet.

Leigh is very knowledgable and well connected so if she doesn’t know the answer to something she’ll certainly know someone who does. Leigh works hard to create a safe, supportive and encouraging space in her groups and she’s really good at knowing which personalities will work best together. I can honestly say that I’ve not only gained an invaluable network of work colleagues but I’ve gained new friends too. The only downside to the mastermind? The fact that it has to end."

Lisa Kyriacou-Faulks

"I have been working with Leigh for almost 2 years and the improvement in my Business and myself during this time has been huge.

By focusing on key things both personally and professionally I have grown my business by about 20% during a pandemic. 
Sharing ideas, having the support of likeminded business owners and realising you are not alone is so empowering especially when things have been so crazy over the last few months.

I cannot thank Leigh enough for the support she has provided. 

Sarah Hayes - Certified Bookkeeper


  • Emphasis on the BUILD stage of your business.
  • Elevating your leadership as CEO.
  • Problem solving together to find solutions to your challenges.
  • Empowering you to build business YOUR way.
  • A safe SPACE to be your TRUE self. Vulnerability really is POWERFUL.
  • Time and encouragement to LEAD and work 'ON' your business.
  • Accountability, Action and Acknowledgement of Achievements.
  • Strangers who'll become your greatest cheerleaders and lifelong friends.

Leigh has such an amazing caring nature, puts together a perfect fit of people and always puts her masterminder’s first, going out of her way to see just what we need to make us shine. I simply love my group as they are just so supportive. Even though I work on my own it is like having work colleagues and great things happen when we are together. It’s so great to have their support and knowing that they are there no matter what. We celebrate our wins and share our downs – I always know they will be there to help me with a decision or advise me what to do.

If you are thinking of working with Leigh and joining one of her mastermind groups, grab it with open arms - you won’t regret it and your business is sure to thank you for it.

Natalie Gladstone - Natalie Gladstone Design

The TRUE VALUE of a Mastermind

You may not know what a mastermind is or the value it can give you as a developing business owner. Let me be frank. It isn't a programme, neither is it a course. A Mastermind in it's truest sense is a collective of brilliant minds who come together with a common goal. You create an incredible high level support network for each other. You will help each other achieve your goals and mastermind impressive solutions. You will mutually share expertise, cheerlead wins, give honest feedback. This particular mastermind isn't a sprint- it is a marathon. It makes no false claims of numbers in record time. It does promise to provide a special space of support, empowerment and inspiration that coupled with your commitment and willingness to change and action will elevate your leadership and business to the next level YOUR WAY.

As the African Proverb says.

'If you want to go fast - go ALONE. If you want to go far - go TOGETHER.'

Space to ELEVATE® is ALL about going FAR TOGETHER.


When you are knee deep in your business, it is sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees. Fresh and objective analysis will help you see what you might be missing, reach the core of the issue and assist in your journey of change.


Let's be honest. Leading a business can feel lonely. You often feel you are making BIG decisions alone. Here you will get clarity on your decisions, brainstorm solutions, get honest feedback and advice when you feel stuck.


Those who join are carefully selected and bring with them a vast amount of experience. When you are needing counsel, you will benefit from this collective expertise and it will help you see things differently than figuring it out alone.

Leigh's Personal Bonuses

Alongside your mastermind sessions, you also get complimentary access to my live, signature development programme and private online business membership lounge.


FTLF is a 6 month live development programme (and available for digital DIY intensive learning) for business leaders. Its aim is to enable business owners to lay solid foundations to build from using my 5P Framework™ It provides the road map to design a business model with products and services that align with your needs at the core. Even for those with their foundations in place, it can serve as a useful refresher. All masterminders get complimentary and lifetime access to the live teach, recordings & INCREDIBLE bonus experts who will blow your mind! Time to ELEVATE!


You get COMPLIMENTARY membership to our private online membership - The Business Leaders Lounge for the duration of your time in the mastermind.

This private members area provides monthly mini mastermind calls, online monthly co-working and accountability, training library and quarterly in person meet up's for members and visitors. An awesome way to connect, support, collaborate and learn.

"When I joined Leigh's mastermind I was at a starting point in my business with a head full of ideas and a heart full of self doubt and lack of belief - I knew what I didn't want to do, I also knew what I wanted to do but I didn't believe that I could do it - don't worry this gets better!

Through joining the mastermind and talking through all my ideas and at times my excuses, I have gained so much clarity on not only what I want to do but the purpose behind it, I have grown so much in confidence, not only for my business but personally too - I have successfully launched my first offer that I am loving doing and although I am not earning what I want to be earning, I am consistently earning more each month and I can see this continuing to grow.

I feel like I now have a solid offering that stops me being distracted by "oh I could do that" or "I'll just do that", a solid sales strategy and plan for growth - and yes my head is still full of ideas but they are about how to expand my offering, grow a team, help my business network - so it's not what do I do but where do I grow.

There are so many reasons why I feel like this Mastermind has worked so well for me - from Leigh's amazing knowledge, expertise and her ability to see through your excuses and dig deep to get to where you need to be through to being part of a team where we can all share our knowledge and experience (this really helped with my confidence) plus you grow relationships and friendships through the process that become your tribe - and when you are solo in business having this tribe is so important!

I have gained so much from this experience - and no matter what stage of you're business you are at it is always great to have time to stop, breathe, reflect and plan and take the opportunity to get your head out of your computer and work on your business rather than in it.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Leigh and will be forever thankful that I signed up."

Anna Watson - Consultant

To help you STEP UP and raise your profile and impact as a leader in your business,
we have access to two extra SPECIAL bonuses below!

Signed book delivered to your door and a private, exclusive roundtable discussion for our Elevators led by the truly amazing

Phil M.Jones

Phil is a best-selling author of Exactly What To SayExactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start.

He had his first business at just 14 years of age and is the youngest recipient of the “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” award.

I have not come across anyone in my entire career that can communicate with impact better than Phil. To date, over two million people in 57 countries across five continents (both sales and non-sales professionals, leaders and experts) have learnt how to have more influence, confidence and control when steering their conversations, thanks to Phil's training.

Phil’s unique philosophy of using specific word choices to teach his audiences “Exactly What To Say” in order to influence, persuade and drive outcomes, has made Phil one of the most practical and in-demand business speakers on the planet. 

And as a result, they now know exactly what to say, when to say it AND...

EXACTLY how to make more of their conversations count...

The cost to hire Phil to speak at an event is in excess of £30k, making this 90 minute session PRICELESS!

Signed book delivered to your door and a private, exclusive in person development day for our Elevators led by the truly amazing

Dani Wallace

It’s time to SHOW UP, WISE UP & RISE UP with The Queen Bee.

Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and has quickly become one of the most exciting motivational speakers to hit the UK stage in a long time!

Drawing on over 20 years' experience in business, from presenting & eventing to leadership & management training, Dani uses her knowledge of both traditional employment in the corporate sector and self-employment in the entertainment industry to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks in her own unique and distinctive style bringing truth, humour and a shit ton of practical advice.

And it is not just her own speaking that Dani specialises in. Through her world class courses, masterminds and VIP experiences Dani helps people all over the world from novices to celebrities, and enthusiastic amateurs to seven-figure earners create incredible talks that help them stand powerfully on stage, reaching more of their ideal audiences and making more money (And who doesn’t want that?!) 

Fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement and creator of the Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani helps people around the world Show Up Wise Up and Rise and is a reminder to anyone who enters her orbit that they too, regardless of their journey can #FLYANYWAY!

"I attended a pop-up mastermind with Leigh a year ago and found it a really impactful and powerful session, so it was an easy decision to sign up to her annual mastermind programme.

 I have loved working with Leigh, and can safely say one of the highlights of the programme was our time away on a 3-day Mastermind retreat. 

 Leigh’s mastermind retreat provided me with the opportunity to focus on myself in a safe space, with an amazing group of business-women, where we all supported and inspired each other. I was able to drill down and focus on the areas of my business that I had not been able to do in the ‘real world”. The challenges, ideas, focus, support and questioning in an environment where we really could dare to pivot and change, along with the time and motivation to actually take action were able to take place because we were all together in a “Space to Elevate”. 

 I know there are a lot of masterminds and coaches out there, but Leigh has put together a group of perfectly complementary businesses, that she skilfully guides and challenges along our journey. She has this way of helping us uncover exactly what we need to do to get everything ready, ensuring it is personalised for ourselves and our individual businesses.  She has lit a fire in each and every one of us to drive our businesses, and ourselves, to grow, evolve and become something that not imagined previously. 

 Thank you Leigh for being on this journey with me and believing in me - and helping me to start believing in myself."

Naomi Haynes - Financial Planner

More Mastermind VALUE..

What else will it bring for you?


You are NEVER alone. A collective sounding board in real time. They will know when to challenge and when to support and encourage. You get to tap into each others networks. You work and champion each other not only to achieve greater results, but also to help you navigate the way you feel along the journey.


There is something VERY powerful being accountable to others. You get laser focused to your goals and objectives and committed to making progress every single day. The wins are celebrated and the challenges overcome. Super helpful when you may be making excuses about what you are truly capable of achieving too.


Troubleshooting works both ways. Having others help you get unstuck is a game changer. But equally valuable is your contribution to others. Supporting and providing your expertise is rewarding and valuable. Plus through demonstration and strong relationships - business organically gets done too.


Join the movement and next generation of CEO.

Elevate as a leader and structure business to work for YOU.


An amazing support NETWORK and lifelong FRIENDS who will be there for the highs and the lows of this crazy journey.

ELEVATE yourself both professionally and personally.

Access a bigger network and gain greater OPPORTUNITIES to SHINE.

Feel EMPOWERED to leverage strengths and your zone of genius.

Become a CONSCIOUS CEO and Leader of your business.

Smash some BIG goals.

Build the TEAM you need to support you and free up your TIME.

Most of all, become more ALIGNED, HAPPIER, gain TIME, MONEY

"Being a part of Leigh’s mastermind was the greatest investment I made in myself and my business.   Leigh’s mastermind groups are small and filled with business leaders who have so many great talents and a shared purpose to support others whilst growing and developing their business. 

Over the last year I have learnt so much about myself and my business and through the support, accountability, and connections of the mastermind group I have recently launched my second business, a business that feels me with joy.  I’ve expanded my team and now have a business that works for me as well as my clients.  Being a business owner can be lonely as we wear so many hats, constantly make decisions and having to then be our own cheer leader and the person who holds ourselves to account. 

Being a part of the mastermind has been like having a senior team; a team that not only celebrates success but lifts me up when things don’t go as planned, or helps kick my butt when I just need to get something done. I’ve loved being a part of the mastermind and am so pleased I had the courage to make the investment."

Sally Beckford - Solutions HR


In case we haven't met before.... Hello, I am Leigh Howes. I’m an Executive Coach with over 20 years observing, partnering, coaching and advising high performing business leaders, founders and function heads, including time working at board level within a Fortune500. Over this time I have recruited and cultivated hundreds of leadership pipelines. 

I’m ridiculously passionate about holding a safe and honest space for business owners as they develop as leaders and build a business 100% their way.  Achieving higher levels of performance but without working around the clock and realising that high performance isn’t just about the result, it is how you feel in all areas of your life and business along the journey.

My mission is to redefine the role of CEO for the next generation of business owners. Challenging thinking and encouraging you to embrace the behaviours, thinking, structure and actions of a CEO so you can build and grow.  Next generation CEO and modern leadership can enable you to work smarter, with greater consciousness and alignment to what matters most to you.  I want you to embrace your highest leadership self and build a business that makes you happy and fulfils your potential whilst impacting and changing the lives of others!

I am not new to masterminding. I have been in over 5 both on and off-line and have run mastermind groups for over 5 years myself too. I am proud to hold one of the safest and most supportive spaces around.  The dynamics of the group are critical and I work hard to bring the right people together.  My role as facilitator, host and mentor is to connect you all at a much deeper level and collectively provide a sounding board that helps you move your leadership and business to its next level.  

I am a natural networker and a massive advocate of collaboration. The Space to Elevate® Mastermind is one of my favourite ways to work with my clients as it plays completely to my core strengths of building strong relationships, collaborating, connecting & developing people. Part of my secret sauce is the ability to get to the root of a problem quickly and come up with innovative solutions to help you take that all important step of action. My famous 'Hot Seat' gives those in my mastermind the chance to get insight, coaching and advice not just from me, but from the collective minds of those in the group too.  This is the TRUE power of a Mastermind and Peer Mentoring. It really is an incredible way to move you forward in your journey of growth within a supportive and collaborative environment. 

In case you are still wondering if I am right for you - let me add that I have an insane eye for human behaviour (some might say I am little obsessed!) and a knack for seeing and hearing the silent stuff that is holding you back from achieving your full potential. Whilst I’ll become your greatest cheerleader, with a truck load of support and a safe space that you'll feel safe to offload into - you will also get full transparency and honest feedback along the way. I hold my clients accountable in order to stretch their comfort zones, embrace change and take the right action. One client said I was like an invisible crutch on her journey of development and I’ve been compared over the years to Wendy Rhoades from Billions (well worth a google! ;-)

Outside of work, I am a wife to Grahame, a Mum to two small boys, Henry & Charlie and dog Poppy (a crazy cocker spaniel). I am an ex Cancer Warrior with first hand experience of finding inner strength and resilience when you need it most. I am a lover of the outdoors and our in person time together will involve lots of outdoor space as I believe space and quiet to pause and catch your breath is integral to your happiness, creativity and performance.  I will be quick to tell you that you cannot pour from an empty cup and YOU matter first and foremost in this crazy journey of business ownership.

Down to earth, mega honest and super intuitive, I guarantee fun and plenty of belly laughing during our time together.  I will stretch & cheerlead & aim to become an invaluable partner and friend on your journey of change and growth.

"Since starting Leigh's Mastermind in October I have felt nothing but support from Leigh and my fellow Masterminders. It is a safe space to use as a sounding board for your ideas, concerns and for perspective from other's point of view.

 I had decided that I wanted to grow a team and in my first 3 months with Leigh, I went from a team of one to a team of 10 other Virtual Assistants. We experienced rapid growth and I don't think it is a coincidence this all happened at the very time I allowed myself to invest in me and my business; after all I was so used to working on everybody else's!

 If you need more structure in your business, with strong foundations then let Leigh help you. This 12 month period has been invaluable."

Lindsay Gilbey - Business Services Director

Your Investment

Your investment at the highest access level is £10,000 +VAT in full or 12 payments of £1000 +VAT.
We have also added in elevate layers starting from £397 +VAT a month to give additional access if joining us in person is difficult.

At a time when running a business feels super-scary, Leigh is there for me every step of the way and I'm so grateful. She's giving me so much support in working out how to navigate this situation and how to adjust my business accordingly. I especially appreciate the holistic approach Leigh always take, encouraging me to prioritise my physical and emotional wellbeing in order to be well enough to show up in my business the way I want to. Any business owner in need of extra support right now should get in touch with Leigh."

Lizi Jackson-Barrett - Confidence Coach & Motivational Speaker

"I am so grateful for this lady coming into my life! I had reached a point in my business where I felt like a hamster on a wheel and had lost all focus, direction and passion. An intensive day with Leigh helped to refocus me on my goals, identify and leverage my strengths and reignite my passion. I gained so much from this that I chose to join one of Leigh’s mastermind groups and the ongoing support that I receive from Leigh and my fellow masterminders has proved invaluable to keeping me motivated and focussed. Highly recommended to all business owners out there. You need Leigh Howes in your life!!"

Samantha Strong - Strong Wills

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support myself and others have been receiving over the last 12 months and especially now in the current world crisis. Leigh is very selfless and always wants to make sure she reaches out to those in need. Speaking to her and our other masterminders gives me clarity and lots of ideas! I would definitely recommend Leigh and her programmes. If you are a business leader - working on your own or leading a team - it can be quite lonely... Group support is amazing and gives you the energy you need. I also found being accounted to other members is a great way to motivate me. Don't wait if you are thinking of signing up - you will wish you’d have done it sooner"

Kinga Parker - Outlet Residential Ltd

"Space to Elevate has been more than I could imagine and certainly more than I even realised I needed. In a world that seems to spin faster everyday and at a cross roads with businesses that needed reviewing and reworking thanks to an untimely pandemic.

I knew I needed to stop, evaluate and build new and strong foundations. Leigh has given me time and understanding to do just that and surrounded by other amazing business woman I have found the space to truly elevate and rise again with new and exciting ideas all built on solid CEO style foundations.

I now have the space in my head and heart to 'chase the right dream'".

Nicole Louise Geddes - Entertainment Specialist

Kind Words


  • Once a year opening - running October - September
  • 6-10 within the group (dependant on restrictions)
  • 12 months of intimate support and guidance
  • High level mentorship and lots of access to Leigh
  • At the highest access level, you will have 11 meetings - including a 2.5 day offsite retreat twice, in person meet ups, and hot seats sessions and monthly performance review group calls
  • Group Voxer support between meetings
  • Kick off online strategy session and onboarding call
  • Quarterly 1:1 online sessions with Leigh


  • Welcome gift box with some epic books (including mine!) for your library
  • Strengths 360 Core Profiling Assessment
  • Access to The Business Lounge
  • Access to Foundations to Lead From™- The Programme
  • 90 minute round table with Phil M Jones with signed copy of book
  • Access to additional high level experts and support as required
  • Resources, guidance and board room access to specialist trusted experts to to help you build your business, leadership and team as required
  • Gifts and recognition along the journey