Start leading business on your terms, with a business model that aligns with more of your dreamy clients and attracts more profits, time-freedom, & joy than you ever imagined.


Foundations to LEAD From™
This Self Study, Digital Programme is going to take the leadership of your business & your know how to the next level.


Does this sound familiar?

You are SO ready to work with more aligned clients and increase your time-freedom at the same time. 

You’re ready to be a true leader of your business with solid foundations to grow from.

You would LOVE to work less without sacrificing your revenue. 


Right now, you feel a bit lost at sea…

You don't feel fully in control of your business.

You have feelings of overwhelm and blurred boundaries.

You know you are capable of more, but feel like you need a factory reset!

You just know something needs to change.


Imagine if you could gain clarity on your direction and how to reach your goals with ease instead of overwhelm. 

Imagine if you could have a clear vision, focused strategy and profound sense of purpose and alignment.

Imagine if you could develop a business model that feeds your soul and generates life-changing results for both your clients and your business.

Imagine if you felt like the captain of your ship with solid foundations and great knowhow.

Imagine you could access a digital programme, any time you wanted, day or night...

You don’t have to imagine. 

Introducing.. Foundations to Lead From™
The Digital Self Study Programme 


Our LIVE programme has been transforming businesses and results for our students. Yet, we know that others of you would rather study alone OR don't have the time or budget for our live programme.

Cue - we have created the Digital Self Study option!

It continues to be your foundational framework for becoming the leader of your business; empowering you to work with more of the aligned clients you dream of and creating a business model and product mix that reignites your soul and generates next level results in your business BUT you go at your pace!

What can you expect?
This is a self study, digital online development programme which aims to inspire, educate and empower you to set (or reset) those foundations that enable you to grow as a leader and go on to build and elevate your business.  Meaning you can access superb trainings and recordings of round table discussions from the live version of the programme at a time that suits you.
Think of it as the 13.1 update on your phone!

Inside Foundations to Lead From™
The Self Study Digital Programme you will:

✔ Step up as a Leader and learn my 5 step foundational framework underpinned by the core which is 'conscious curious leadership' (that you can go back and revisit time and time again as you evolve) to enable you to lay solid foundations for a thriving business that you LOVE (and of course, gifts you back more of what makes you happy - like more time and money!)

✔ Be trained by a qualified world-class coach (yours, truly) at a fraction of the investment you’d expect.  

The Foundations Framework™
Digital Programme breakdown:-


Within step one you’ll learn exactly which areas of your business bring you joy (and which don’t) and discover not only what your ideal looks like - but also what constitutes a nightmare client.  

It’s time to align your business to your values and your needs.


You’ll review the products and services you offer with fresh eyes; looking at what is working and what needs to change. 

We will look at ways to draw more of the dreamy clients you desire into your world with a sturdy business model that serves both them and you. This is a pivotal step for you.


Effective positioning is often the greatest stumbling block alongside sales activity so in step three we will go deep on this and have incredible guest experts coming in with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will game change your business.


In step four, you will be encouraged to embrace your inner CFO.

You’ll finally get to grips with your numbers, your metrics whilst embracing your important role as Sales Director, so you can truly know where you are, make a plan for where you’re going and take the all important ACTION to get those £s coming in!


Achieving your goals requires strategy and action, but being so close to your business can blur your focus.  

Step five will see you pulling your own strategy together and taking massive action to step up as the leader of your business! The new YOU begins.

No more playing small.

What our clients are saying...

"I have been running my own business for 15 years. It was something that grew organically, so I had no plan. It just evolved over time. When Covid-19 hit I found myself feeling lost and not sure what the best next step was. Get Set for Success has had a profound impact on me as a business leader. It has helped me develop my mindset and increased my understanding of myself and my business. I have made new friends and contacts and have learnt so much from those participating as well as from Leigh and her amazing collection of experts."

Alex Chell

Branding & Graphic Designer

"Working with Leigh has been absolutely game changing! Not only for my businesses but my life as a whole! I have ran 2 businesses for over 5 years, so I wasn’t new to the world of business when I discovered Leigh, but I did feel that something was lacking. As a result of working with Leigh, I have never felt more in alignment with what I’m doing, I have been able to make changes in my businesses which mean I’m actually working less but my profits are going up and up!"

Rachael Beere

Digital Marketing Consultant

Well Hello There!

My name is Leigh Howes and many years of experience have taught me so much about what works (and what doesn’t) as your own boss.

Rewind a few years (and even after a decade of partnering with a heap of business leaders…including a Fortune 500). I set up my own company and went on to make every mistake in the book. Oh yes. You name a business clanger… and I dropped it. I quickly learnt that you cannot scale a wobbly business built on sand.

Truthfully, I didn’t figure out what I wanted, who I helped or how best to support them. I was flailing around without structure, purpose or much profit. I was overwhelmed, fake smiling and returning to my previous career in HR felt like my only option.

The good news? A TON of hard work, clarity, investment and some serious bounce-back-ability means life is different for me now, and my mistakes make valuable lessons for you. Nothing brings me more joy than spring boarding business owners like you out of overwhelm so that you too can fulfil your true potential and get set up to achieve more…

What our clients are saying...

"Having worked with Leigh in this programme, I now have a better understanding and clarity for the way to move my business forward. Better than that though is that I have a set of tools I can reuse again and again to repeat the process sometime in the future to make sure I am on track!"

Julian Knopf

Gander Photography

"This programme has given me purpose, focus and the determination to proceed with my business on my terms. Working with Leigh led to a lightbulb moment that made me put together everything I had been struggling with over the past year or more."

Anita Sykes

Plain Sailing Web Solutions

"The programme was a complete game changer. Leigh is amazing at getting you to focus and understand your audience and your business which enables you to take ownership and reassess your model and product mix. I have learnt so much in a few short weeks and have grown myself and my business at the same time."

Melinda Leigh

Nirvana Chocolat by Melinda Leigh

 This programme is for you if:

✔ You've fallen out of love with your business and are ready for change.

  • You want to develop your core business and leadership knowledge.

✔ Feast and Famine mode is the order of the day - you’re either flush with income or panicking over where your next client or sale is coming from. 

✔ You’re overwhelmed ‘doing’ ALL THE THINGS.

✔ You don’t know where to direct your focus.

✔ You are not leading your business; you feel more employee than CEO.

✔ You work with less-than-ideal clients, because… well, needs must. 

✔ Your own needs are at the bottom of the pile of priorities. 

✔ Financials. The very word makes you shudder and you don’t really know where you are with your numbers. 

✔ You’re maxed out working 1:1 and ready to get creative with how you serve your clients. 

✔ You're just getting started and want to get set up for the success you desire. 

In just 11 hours of study'll see your business in a completely different light. You ready for CHANGE?

At the end of our time together how would it feel to have greater clarity? Be structured to leverage more of your time - working less without sacrificing revenue? Feeling more in control? Happier? More Aligned? To have stronger boundaries, doing more of what feels right? To leave with greater insight into yourself and more knowledge of business and leadership?

How would it feel to be ready and empowered to be THE LEADER of a business you LOVE?

If you are prepared to do the work, my aim is that you will be





Foundations to LEAD From™
This Self Study, Digital Programme is going to take the leadership of your business & your know how to the next level!

What our clients are saying...


How long is Foundations to LEAD FromThe Digital Programme and how does it work?

Up until now it has only been available as a live 6 month programme. But we also know that not all of you want to work in a live environment or budget simply doesn't allow you to. So, you now have immediate access to all 6 of the trainings that I give in the programme, alongside practical and detailed workbooks, templates and further resources to help you take action on what you learn. You have lifetime access to the self study programme. PLUS if you decide you'd like more access to Leigh in her live programme, you can upgrade at any time and spread the investment across 12 months too!

Has it always been called Foundations to LEAD From?

When we first launched it was called The Growth Academy - Get Set for Success. It shortened to Get Set for Success but when Leigh published her best selling book - Foundations to LEAD From in November 2021, the name of the programme subsequently changed. Please note you you may see or hear some testimonials referring to its former name and the book refers to Get Set for Success too.

How long do I have access to Foundations to LEAD From™ - The Digital Programme?

You will have lifetime access.  So, you can go back and re-watch, access the tools as you need and catch up at your pace too. If you want to upgrade at any point into the live programme or into her upgraded tiers, you can do this too. Please email to register your interest in an upgrade.

Here's a reminder of what you receive in the Digital Programme

  • 7 Recorded trainings with Leigh
  • Detailed workbooks that drive action
  • Expert Guidance from 2 of our partners
  • All tools and templates included in the programme

Need a little more info before you take the leap?

Do not hesitate to reach out… You can message Leigh directly to ask any of your questions or queries by email or DM   

What our clients are saying...

My business was no longer bringing me joy and in truth it was becoming a bit of a burden. This programme enabled me to review and reflect on my business and it has helped me to rekindle my joy. I left the programme more knowledgeable, motivated and inspired to lead my business forward with clear boundaries, goals and plans in place to support me achieving my vision."

Sally Beckford

HR Consultant

"Leigh delivers so much passion to every conversation that she is a part of. She is full of integrity and not afraid to tell it like it is. I have appreciated her warmth, honesty, and no-nonsense guidance.

She has helped me to set important foundational strategies to start my business and I will be forever grateful for how it has given me the confidence to set my new path for success."

Tania Dee


Couldn't make the live of my 5 Day Business Intensive?

 Elevate, Evolve & Expand? 

Then welcome to the recordings of these incredible sessions, available until 31st March 2022...then they are gone!

Gain the recordings for only £47.

Day 0 - Onboarding - This was an opportunity to get to know the group, ask questions and start to build those all important connections ready for our time together. 

 Day 1 - Becoming a leader was where we opened your mind to self leadership and the benefits of getting curious and conscious. We discovered your super strengths to improve performance and the steps you could take to become the CEO of your business YOUR way. 


Day 2 - What Matters Most was day 2, and we went straight into what matters most for you. In order to lead a business you love, you need to start with getting clear on what is most important and aligning your core foundations so you can build sustainably.

Day 3 - Buckling up for Change was where we tackled the elephant in the room. The kinks in your armour. Your potential is maximised when you lean in on and leverage more of your brilliance but you equally need to be honest about what is keeping you stuck now or may derail you along the way.

Day 4 - Your Boundaries & Business Model - Finally, we explored boundaries and business models. Strong boundaries are essential as you become the CEO of your business. We need to ensure you are working in a way that serves you and meets the needs of your client in equal measure. This along with the right Business Model to meet your financial needs and preferred way of working is essential to support your growth.